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Daudignac My Croissant Maker

Product Description
Everybody loves a good croissant and with the Daudignac My Croissant Maker, you can make your own! Create up to 8 homemade croissants at once with your choice of fillings, whether sweet, savoury, or plain, to fully savour the dough and its natural flavours. To whip up your own batch of croissants, roll out your dough and place the croissant maker onto the dough, then press down. Cut out the individual croissant triangles and roll inwards to create a croissant, then bake until completed! If you will be filling your croissants, use the spatula to spread the filling into each individual hole and once done, lift the croissant maker off the dough before baking it. With the Daudignac My Croissant Maker, you can impress your party guests by offering them delicious homemade croissants, perfect for afternoon tea.
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